general Information


Castle Location and Free Car Parking

Sudeley Castle GL54 5LP is situated in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire - 8 miles north east of Cheltenham or just 10 miles east of junction 9 of the M5. Go to the centre of Winchcombe.  All entry is via Vineyard Street. There is ample Free Car Parking and stewards will be there to assist you.


There is the opportunity to purchase warming treats for your further enjoyment. Mulled Wine, Hot Chocolate, savoury and sweet treats are among the scrumptious offerings.

Outdoor Clothing

To enjoy this outdoor Spectacle to the full, it is important to be warm and dress accordingly. Please wear outdoor clothing and appropriate footwear.

Accessibility, Mobility and Specific Needs

We have tried our best to make the event open to anyone who wishes to attend. The route follows the normal paths around the grounds and is accessible to those with reduced mobility and specific needs.  Some paths can be a little uneven and care should be taken at all times. There are only two places on the route that are not accessible to mobility scooters and wheelchair users. In most places of difficulty, either a ramp is in place or an alternative route is offered. Stewards are on hand to guide and help.

Personal caring assistants must be over 16 years of age and capable of supporting their companion with specific needs in the event of an emergency or evacuation of the area.

There is an accessibility drop off and pickup point close to the entrance and exit of the Spectacle.

Assistance Dogs only are permitted at the Spectacle.

Child buggies are not encouraged due to possible congestion. Carrying a small child in a body harness is preferred.

Photography and Video Recording

Spectacle of Light welcomes photographers and video recordists to Sudeley Castle. 

All visitors are invited to capture and video their Spectacle of Light experience on cameras and smart phones for personal use and sharing via social media. 

Photography for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited

Anyone found using content for promotional or commercial purposes must have a prior written agreement from Sudeley Castle and DB Partnership or they will be in breach of copyright and could face legal action

If using professional photographic equipment and tripods please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that you do not obstruct or diminish the enjoyment of others at the event                                

  • Please stay on the designated route keeping away from the water features and off the grass where there may be unseen electrical equipment and cabling.
  • Persons, equipment, materials or stools must not cause damage to plants and the garden environment
  • Please do not impede the movement, access or view of other visitors to the event with tripods or other equipment
  • All equipment and any litter or waste material must be cleared away immediately after the photography is completed
  • Sudeley Castle and the organisers of Spectacle of Light shall not be liable for loss of or damage to your equipment or possessions or be liable for damages, compensation and claims resulting from the photography.

All photography for press or online publications should be credited to Sudeley Castle Spectacle of Light

Safety at the Spectacle of Light

You are free to explore the sights and sounds of the Spectacle at your own pace but for your enjoyment and safety, certain guidelines should be observed.

Spectacle of Light is an outdoor event held during winter with unpredictable weather so please take some time to read the following advice:

  • Please keep to the pathways at all times and for your own safety, do not walk on the grass or go close to the water features
  • Some of the pathways can be uneven and there are a few sets of short steps on the route. Please proceed with care at all times
  • Do not touch any of the electrical or lighting equipment at any time
  • Smoking is allowed at the event but please pay attention to the needs of others and extinguish your cigarette in designated receptacles
  • Dogs and other pets are strictly prohibited. Only Assistance dogs are permitted
  • Any children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult. Particular attention must be taken with children under 5, ensuring they are always close to and under the control of a responsible adult as there are potential hazards off the designated route
  • Please be aware that parts of the route involve steps that are not particularly suitable for buggies that may cause congestion. If you have an option, it is better for very young children to be carried in a harness
  • As the paths can be a little uneven and could be muddy, please wear sturdy shoes or boots
  • As an extra precaution, one member of your group could have a torch or a Smartphone torch which can be used in the unlikely event of a power down
  • If a power down occurs, please follow the advice and direction of the stewards who will direct you to an appropriate area of safety and advise you when you can continue your walk
  • There are no covered areas during the walk and it is your own responsibility to wear appropriate warm and waterproof outdoor clothing and footwear.


Conditions under which the event could be cancelled.

Inevitably bad weather can affect any open-air event. No refunds will be offered if the weather is inclement but the event is safe to go ahead.

Spectacle of Light would only be cancelled if:

  • Severe weather that would make the route itself unsafe, such as high winds exceeding 30mph
  • Very heavy snow is forecast which would make routes to the event unsafe
  • There was a major fault in our electrical supply or equipment.

A decision to cancel the event would be taken at 2pm on the day of the event. Shortly after that we would endeavour to contact you by email or text, a notice would be posted on the home page of our website and updates would be issued through the Spectacle of Light's social media channels. We will also inform the media.

If you are concerned about the prevailing weather conditions on the evening of your visit, please check the website to confirm that the event is going ahead.

Spectacle of Light is an outdoor event and will not be cancelled due to rain or extreme cold. Visitors are advised to dress accordingly for the weather conditions.

In the event of a cancellation, we would attempt to re-allocate your tickets to an alternative evening. However if this is not possible and you would prefer a refund, payment will be made to you within 14 days.